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Clam Digging on the Kenai Peninsula


Razor Clam digging on the Kenai Peninsula is one of Alaska's most popular outdoor activities. It is primarily a family sport which is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is also relatively inexpensive; requiring only adequate boots and clothing, a clam shovel or tube, bucket and a current sport fishing license for those 16 years of age or older. Over 1.2 million clams are dug each year from the beaches along Cook Inlet.

When digging clams in Alaska, even during the summer months, sudden changes in the weather are to be expected. The diggers should realize that the weather on the beach can change quickly and digging clams is a messy business. Knee-high rubber boots are quite suitable for walking the beaches but hip boots are much drier when kneeling down on the beach sand to retrieve your bounty. The wind may frequently die down during slack tide but may pick back up as the tide begins to rise again so a raincoat is desirable as an effective wind break.

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