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Welcome to our tales of adventure and excitement!

OK, maybe you won't read about bear maulings or survival for days in the wilderness after an airplane crash with just a Bic lighter but none-the-less these stories will be entertaining and may relate to your own experiences. No telling what may turn up in this potpourri of recollections but every site needs to have that "catch-all" kitchen drawer for the odds and ends that don't fit elsewhere.

Enjoy, -KK-

City Limits Ghost Bears at Alaska Outdoor Journal Headquarters by Klondike Kid
Visions of Alaska Brown Bear Viewing always involve remote access and long journeys to experience the thrills of watching Alaska's most popular wildlife. You wouldn't expect them to be living secret lives in the city limits of Alaska's most visited fishing destination.

This hunting story will amaze you with the tale about how this trio of hunters tracked down this record book trophy and THEN got it out of the bush and back home.

The Sequel - REFOUND GLORY by Robb Kuchenoff
Three years have passed since that memorable trip to the Russian. It was time for another road trip. Oh how things change so quickly.

A terrific hunt and some memories of good times in the past. A tribute to a great dad.

PROFOUND GLORY by Robb Kuchenoff
Some things in life become more valuable than a trophy fish. Especially if you are a parent.

KINGS FOR A DAY by Robert Ney
Some unexpected catches and a tribute to a passing friend and angler.

NEVER CRY WOLF by David Mcqueen
Don't turn your back on your rod. Things happen when you least expect them.

ONE Fish Fishin' Trip by Bob Pence
Sometimes its just not worth going fishing when they aren't biting and you only end up with one fish to take back. But then again....

Rumor Trail Leads To Trophy Northern Pike by Loren Flagg
Fish stories are a dime a dozen in Alaska, often touting huge catches that seldom prove accurate or even true. This rumor was one worth following up on!

If You Gotta Go - Start Early by unknown
A lot of visitors to Alaska don't know what to expect when they get here. So inquiries of all sorts are commonplace.

Just Another Day On The Water by Dan Musgrove
Alaska provides a bounty like no other place on Earth. And when Alaskans head for the water to do some harvesting anything is possible.

How To Break In A New Outboard Motor by Captain Billy
Halibut fishing may have more tales to tell than any other experience in Alaska. These flatfish grow to magnum proportions and you never know what may happen in the battles that ensue.

Wendy's Excellent Adventure by Wendy Jordan
King-size adventures are frequent occurrences in America's largest state where everything is just plain bigger here. This story ain't no Peter Pan tale.

Four Leaf Clovers & A Rabbit's Foot by Bill Sullivan
Beginner's Luck, Hot Rod of the Day, maybe its just fate. Some anglers come to Alaska for their first visit and leave for home with memories that even many Alaskans would enjoy having.



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