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Salmon Shark

370 lb. Salmon Shark
Salmon Shark
Angler: Richard Balogh
Weight: 370 pounds
Length: 8 feet Girth: 57 inches
Area: Seldovia, Cook Inlet
Date: June 2006 Photo courtesy of Richard Balogh

Richard says "I went Halibut fishing on June 21 out of Seldovia and caught this Salmon shark. After shooting it we had to try and gut it while still in the water to try and lessen the weight so we could get it on board. No luck, we had to get help from a near by boat and it took five of us with gaffs and ropes to get it on deck. It dressed out at 270 pounds and the captain said it probably had about 100 pounds of guts. It was 8 foot long and about 57 inches in diameter. It took about 40 minutes to bring it along side of the boat. Catch of a lifetime."

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