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Spring Training - Two Fisted Fishing!

1999 proved to be a pretty good season for Matanuska Valley king salmon fisheries connected to the Susitna River drainage. Many tributaries had excellent runs strong enough to allow Fish & Game to open extra days of fishing for the anglers. And with a large number of these streams accessible by road via the Parks Highway, just about any angler hankering to tie into a whopper has a good chance of succeeding without a lot of specialized equipment or even a boat.

Sheep Creek was one of those streams last year that put smiles on a lot of anglers faces, including Mike Outterson who is acting as the "mule" for his fishing group by hauling up a 48 and 57 pounder after a rewarding day on the stream with friends. That's over a hundred pounds of meat for the freezer.

This season, Y2K, appears to be starting out on a record pace, with good numbers of kings arriving in catchable numbers much earlier than usual for many streams in the valley. Oldtimers and most-likely Fish & Game too are suspecting this is going to be a great kickoff to the new Millenium!

Photo Courtesy of Mike Outterson İ2000

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