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FIRE Produces Some HOT Action!

In spite of the rampant spread of northern pike into a great many southcentral lakes and rivers, Alaskan anglers are slow to take advantage of this respectable advisary and fishery. They are not only fun to catch but offer some excellent tablefare when you discover how to fillet them without the bones.

Dan Hoxie of Eagle River and two buddies spent a few hours out at Fire Lake at the beginning of June and had a fine day of fishing. Fishing with bobbers and small bait herring they landed several hammerhandles (the term for fish less than 18 inches) and bagged these two respectable pike, for a total of 9 fish in about 3 hours.

Many local anglers who have given pike fishing a try are often discouraged by a lack of success. But just as any type of fishing or fishery requires learning the "secrets" of how, when and where, so does pike fishing. The most common mistake made by southcentral anglers is fishing at the wrong time. Pike actively begin feeding at first light, well before sunrise and only hunt their prey for a couple hours before retiring for the day. Then late in the evening before sundown they will again start prowling around for their dinner before settling in to digest their food overnight. As you can see from Dan's photo it looks as if they were fishing the evening bite!

Sure, with Alaska's LONG days its difficult to get up at 4am and hit the lakes, but an angler has gotta do what an angler must do if they want the best success.

Photo courtesy Dan Hoxie 2003

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