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Big As A Barn Door!

Hmmm, its not even the end of April and already 200 plus pound halibut are hitting the deck. Dang that's a nice one....six foot five inches long and by the chart it pegs out at 244 pounds. The "small one" in the boat tipped the scales at 125 pounds even.

That's Adak Jeff's fishing buddy Vince Tutiakoff, Jr. posing with the haul (Vince was the one who hooked, fought and landed this monster) they brought in last Sunday, April 27th. And what a pleasant surprise it was to get into these barndoors so early in the season. Jeff says that last year they couldn't buy a halibut before the first week of June so this is incredibly encouraging. The best thing about this catch is there is no more pressure for filling the freezer....kinda like hitting a jackpot in Vegas right from the git go and playing with the house's money for the rest of the trip.

Jeff and a group of his friends out there on the chain have also perfected a fishing technique for slaying the sockeye salmon in saltwater. Last summer they couldn't keep the fish off the hook and six fish limits were taken in very short order on most of their outings. I'm hoping to coax Jeff into writing up a How To article complete with the pics to prove the method for those doubting Thomases.

Congrats on the Catch, Jeff and Vince!
Photo courtesy Jeff Doerning 2003

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