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Marylin's Homemade Dandelion Flower Wine

Are you tired of all those pesky dandelions blooming everywhere in your lawn. As I was mowing mine down the other day I had been thinking about this wine recipe...and then someone asked me for it so I thought I might as well include it here.

I learned a lot the first time I made this one as I corked the bottles too soon and they exploded one night in the closet and not only made a terrific mess, but scared the pants off me. In fact, I thought my kids were getting into something, i.e. trouble, so they got yelled at before I remembered about the wine! However I saved most of it and it packed a pretty good punch.
Wash flowers and remove stems. Pour boiling water over flowers and let set for 3 days, then strain liquid. Add remaining ingredients and let set for 3 weeks to ferment. Strain liquid and bottle. Put cheesecloth over bottle tops until fermenting is complete. Seal with corks or lids. Don't seal too soon or you will over-pressure the bottles.

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