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The staff of the Alaska Outdoor Journal are active Alaska resource users, i.e. we rely on the bounty of our state to provide us with wild game, fish, wildfowl, seafood, and other such groceries to supplement our existence in this sometimes harsh environment.

Just the same, any angler, hunter, or harvester is aware of how quickly mundane preparations of our wild foods can get....its called burn out! But AOJ to the rescue!

A bit of background on our Cooking Editor: She arrived in Alaska as a young girl and had the wonderful opportunity to experience the real Alaska during the days of Homesteading. Yes, packing frozen buckets of water, stoking the wood stove, and spending many long days with her family stockpiling Alaska's resources in preparation for each long winter. She has run her own catering service in the past and the recipes she will be providing have stood the test of time, as well as satisfied the palates of a great many friends, clients, and family.

In addition to Marylin's "family heirlooms" we will be providing recipes from other sources which will add to the variety you will find within our pages. No, there won't be thousands, but the value of those listed here will undoubtedly put smiles on a great many faces as they push away from the dinner table. And even sportsmen with little culinary talent might find it tempting to strap on the apron now and then and give the family a treat of their own.

This Welcome Page will be your first stop in our Recipes section. Here we will list the most recent additions to simplify keeping up with new arrivals. It will provide an easy way for regular readers to quickly check for updates.

You can always RETURN to this page by CLICKING the What's Cookin'? title at the top of any subsection index or recipe page.

Bon Apetite,
Klondike Kid


Corned Moose or Bear - Game

Camp Simple Macaroni & Cheese - Entrees

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