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Tip #8 Homebrew Salmon Egg Cure

Sent in by: Norm Holthouse (Mountain Man) of Anchorage.

I have used the following egg cure recipe for many years and have been well satisfied. Salmon eggs cured by this method can be stored in air tight mason jars for over a year. I used an old refrigerator stored in the wash room. Eggs cured by this method should not be frozen.

Cut eggs to be cured in bait size pieces. Mix together equal parts of sugar, salt, and sodium sulfite. Sprinkle the eggs with a coating of the mixture, turn the egg pieces, and sprinkle the other side. Let them stand for about 10-15 minutes before storing in air tight mason jars.

Note: Sodium Sulfite is a chemical use in photographic darkroom work and is usually available (Kodak product) in most photo stores which supply darkroom equipment and supplies.

Thanks again to Norm for this tip.

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