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Tip #47 The Poorman's Camper Heater!

I'll have to give my dad credit for this tip which I in turn have used since "coming of age" and camping in my own camp trailer and camper truck. It works great.

To make an expensive, read FREE, infrared heater for your camp trailer or camper that isn't equipped with a regular heater, use a two pound coffee can. Peel the label off and remove any glue which may remain. Cut one end out with a can opener. Then on the opposite end, using a beer can opener (say what?), punch a number of holes in the side of the can about 3 inches apart all the way around the can.

Once you start heating the can with the burner, it will become a dark color and essentially become a radiant heater. It also doubles as a pan or coffee pot warmer when you want to keep things warm but not actually cook with a higher heat. When the can begins to get a bit rusty, just make a new one. Note: There may be a slight odor as the can is "breaking in" and heating up for the first time so you may want to "season it" with the door or windows open for a bit.

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