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Tip #6 Plagued by Wabbits!

Here's an Alaskan gardener's tip I'm sure my neighbors wished they had known about before a few rabbits got into their garden the other night and decimated their Brussel sprouts crop.

While visiting a friend the other day, we were admiring his uncanny success at producing edible quantities of greens and vegetables so early in the summer, even with a late start. I noticed that he had a significant amount of various greens growing around the outside walls of his green house and all were quite healthy, robust and not a trace of insects or critters nibbling on them. It was at that time I noticed a series of small styrofoam cups laid on their sides spaced about 5 feet apart along the edge of his crops.

Each cup contained a bar of IRISH SPRING soap. There is something in this particular bar soap which is repulsive to rabbits who have a keen sense of smell. Also planted at regular intervals within the garden were marigold plants in full bloom. It is one of the few plants which also emit an odor which rabbits prefer to avoid. And it adds a bit of sparkle to the garden at the same time.

The styrofoam cup on its side prevents rain from dissolving the soap and soaking into the ground and killing the plants. If you are one of the many Alaskans who attempt a garden each season, this little tip just might prevent losing your crop one night.

Editor's Note: No guarantees on how well this might work on preventing moose from dining on your smorgasbord! But just maybe it might work on them as well.

Our thanks to Taylor Coombs of Kasilof for this insightful bit of Green Thumb wisdom.

Klondike Kid

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