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Tip #7 A Sticky Cure for Curing Salmon Eggs

With sockeye salmon running the rivers and silvers stacking up in many streams, most anglers are in the midst of curing their salmon roe for future fishing trips or for storage until next year.

Most Alaskans favor using ProCure as the treatment of choice for coloring as well as preserving their eggs. For skeins from sockeye and coho, most veterans will put the eggs in a bucket or coffee can, sprinkle liberally with ProCure, mix it all up and then let it soak for a few hours to overnight. The longer soaking allows for deeper penetration of the dye as well as allowing the preservative to work between the layers of membrane and prevents molding in the future.

Once the eggs have soaked they are usually laid out on newspaper for draining and air drying to the consistency the angler prefers. Quite often the eggs will "glue" themselves to the newspaper and end up with bits of paper stuck to them or the skeins may be torn apart trying to remove them.

A better technique for this process is to lay down a few sheets of newspaper and then put a single layer of paper grocery sack on top. Then lay the skeins on the sack. The heavier paper will not absorb the moisture quite as well but it does allow the eggs to peel off without the paper tearing and sticking to them, especially if they are allowed to dry too much.

Klondike Kid

This alternate method was sent in by Phil Cutler. Use a letter-sized "IN" basket inverted and lay the eggs on the wire mesh. Place absorbent material underneath to catch the drippings. You can also use some of your wife's cake cooling wire racks....just don't let her catch ya doing it. This method allows drying your eggs on both sides at once and cuts the time in half.

Thanks Phil for the tip.

P.S. For those anglers with gobs of eggs to process all at once, how about an old refrigerator wire rack. You can get a lot of eggs on one of those.

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