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Tip #41 A Slick Solution To Fishin' Freeze Ups!

ICE FISHING is a sport that folks all over North America engage in. And not surprising we all seem to experience the same problems and challenges presented us when fishing in such harsh conditions.

All too often blowing snow will drift in our fishing holes causing our gear to be frozen in and most often inoperable. And even if there is no wind or blowing snow, the below freezing ambient air temperatures quickly cause ice to form on the surface of the hole. We all know that it can be a tedious chore to tend 5 tip ups and stick sets when pike fishing in selected lakes here in Alaska when the temperature is zero or below. And most often our gear will see a build up of ice on lines, bobbers, and other components in contact with the water.

I frequently use bobbers when fishing bait rigs for northern pike. And to prevent ice forming on my bobber as it floats on the surface I'll spray or wipe silicone on it. This effective water repellent is most often used on clothing and also repels water on the bobber and keeps ice from adhering. I also "treat" the shaft of my tip ups in the section adjacent to the waterline area to keep the icing to a minimum on them. This is most effective on plastic tip ups and less so on the old wood style (which I still use too). And recently I've become a major fan of "wind jigger" tip ups and treat the dacron line with silicone as an icing deterrent where the line works up and down at the water's surface.

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