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Tip #33 A Bushman's Super Surgeon

This tip was passed on to me by Ed Schlief who is an avid traditional bow hunter here in Alaska. And its versatility covers a great many applications for anyone out in the bush, whether on a camping trip, or hunting and fishing.

Everyone knows the precautionary warnings about today's Super Glues that can bond to skin, or bond skin to skin in a matter of seconds. But as it turns out, this very characteristic is used by some physicians for treating wounds. Lacerations to the face that normally may require a stitch or two and lead to scarring can often be treated using Super Glue to hold the cleansed cut together for a few days while it heals....leaving little scarring and no stitches to be removed later.

Ed has found that applying super glue to the small cuts and cracks on your hands and knuckles that you get from the drying effect created by a lot of immersion in saltwater (frequent clam digging, or lots of halibut fishing) will keep them clean and painless while they have a chance to heal shielded from the salt.

Parts of an injured body which have trouble keeping a bandage on can be candidates for a protective covering of super glue. It usually lasts 4 or 5 days before dislodging from the skin which is long enough for the healing process to take hold. Of course proper cleansing of the wound and application of an antibiotic for a short while before drying and applying the super glue is always advised.

Of course there are tons of "normal" applications and uses for Super Glue around the camp, in the boat, on your fishing tackle for emergency repairs and such. For its tiny size and price, everyone should keep a tube handy.

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