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Everyone who partakes in outdoor activities has collected their own personal library of tips and "tricks of the trade" to make their experience more enjoyable or successful. If you have a unique tip to pass along, Email Us and we'll see about getting it posted here. If a diagram, photo or drawing will support the information, please include it if possible.

Our tips are some of the most unique or helpful you will find anywhere. Many of them have been passed down through generations or resulted from years of experiences in the outdoors. Our Outdoor Tips section alone is well worth the visit to AOJ as you will see.


Now this one has got to make someone smile. One of the most useful campsite items you could ask for.

Tip #53 A Stitch In TINE Can Save A FINE!

The ADFG fish cops are cracking down on clam diggers harvesting illegal, undersize Butter and Littleneck (steamer) Clams in Kachemak Bay area. Use this handy tip to be sure all your harvested clams meet the minimum size requirements....or pay $2 per clam for undersize clams.

Tip #52 To Be or Not TWO BB!

This one here is for all the waterfowlers out there. I've been using this tip for over 20 years now and all my friends have converted to using it too.

Tip #51 Keeping Your IMPORTANT PAPERS Clean and Dry!

A roll of toilet paper on a camping trip is in-dispensable. But its so susceptible to getting wet and dirty when being used outdoors. This is another no brainer for the camping check-off list.

Tip #50 Grandpa Kipp's Sure-Fire Yellow Jacket Trap!

Hot dry summers in Alaska always result in hoards of yellow jackets swarming all over your yard or campsite. This free little yellow jacket eliminator is worth its weight in gold.

Tip #49 Expanding Your Bug-Free Zone!

The incense style mosquito coils are great for protecting large outdoor areas from biting insects such as white sox, mosquitos and no-see-ums. Here is a tip to make up some very inexpensive coil holders to hang around your area when needed.

Tip #48 Don't Let The Bugs Bite, But If They Got Ya....

This year's mosquitos are the most aggressive and vicious anyone has seen in Southcentral in many decades. And they are out even in the heat of the day making even a simple act like watering the flowers a challenge. A long time Alaskan gal tipped me off to this simple bug bite treatment that at least for myself works like a charm.

Tip #47 The POORMAN'S Camper Heater!

Do you have one of those older model camp trailers or truck campers that was built before they were equipped with fancy propane heaters? Try this tip my dad taught me for a quick and easy infrared heater to warm your spirits.

Tip #46 DROPPER LOOP for Slackwater King Fishing!

The Dropper Loop is an appropriate knot for attaching your egg/bait hook or artificial fly to your line when using the Sure Fire Slackwater King Fishing Technique in fisheries like the Homer Spit Fishin' Hole!

Tip #45 A PEE-chy Solution For A Nasty Device

The Pee Can has got to be the nastiest thing in your boat. Get "onboard" with this new device and make every user happy!

Tip #44 Are You A Two Speed Bait Cutter?

If you troll for silvers and kings in saltwater with herring using the plug cut method, you should be aware of the differences between coho and chinook rigs.

Tip #43 TOO MUCH Of A Good Thing!

Sometimes bigger and faster can have its own drawbacks and this can be especially true with the newest One Hour AA Ni-MH battery chargers. Be aware of potential damage to your batteries with this tip.

Tip #42 Put A Sock On It!

Do you have a drawer full of Socks where a number of pairs have a hole in one sock? Here is a way to put those unwanted items to good use.

Tip #41 A Slick Solution To Fishin' Freeze Ups!

Frozen holes and ice accumulating on your ice fishing gear is an ongoing problem for winter anglers. Try this solution to help reduce icing.

Tip #40 A Wax Ring Solution For A Hole In Your Boat

Getting stranded miles from nowhere with a hole in your boat is no fun in Alaska. This "repair kit" just might get you back home safe and sound.

Tip #39 Putting Your Razors In The Hot Seat

Its really surprising that a large number of Alaskans and most visiting tourists aren't aware of this quick and easy way to speed up the clam cleaning process. And now that the Southcentral clam limit is back at 60 razor clams per day there's a lot more work to do.

Tip #38 Extending The Ice Age?

How many times have you been on a remote camping trip and had the ice in your cooler disappear long before the groceries it was cooling did? Remember how everyone had to gorge themselves to prevent losing those goods? Here is a solution.

Tip #37 Are You A MOOCHER?

Here is a great tip on mooching for saltwater silvers which is proving to be as effective as the old methods and much more economical too!

Tip #36 ON GUARD - Protect YOURSELF

This common hardware store material has a great secondary use to keep those hooks from snagging, scratching or sticking.

Tip #35 Rubba Dub Dub - Next Time Try A Grub

Finally! I found out how and when to fish those little curly-tailed grubs with dynamite results.

Tip #34 Taking The Zing Out Of Insect Bites & Stings

This tip was sent in by a reader. It's a very handy way to carry treatment of insect stings, bites, and any other skin irritation, burn or painful wound.

Tip #33 A Bushman's Super Field Surgeon

I'll bet you never thought of including this item in your outdoors first aid kit. But its usefulness in many situations will become apparent.

Tip #32 Outdoor Tips For Everyone

Here is a number of tips sent in as a collection. They seem to be logical....but just maybe not quite practical. :-)

Tip #31 Surefire FIRE

Staying alive in Alaska may depend on your ability to get a fire started in an emergency situation. Here are a couple of tips for items to carry on any outing in Alaska's wilderness areas.

Tip #30 .30 Caliber Fly Tying

With the increasing popularity of bunny fur and streamer hair as a component of many successful Alaska fly patterns, this tool definitely has a useful place in your fly tying kit.

Tip #29 Two For The Trail - Making Life Safer and Easier

Surviving in Alaska's wilds could come down to a single match. Don't get caught short....unless its on purpose!

Tip #28 Sink Your Fish For A Good Seal

Here is another great method to help prevent freezer burn on all those fish packages you put in the freezer.

Tip #27 Treat Rambo Like A Baby

For all those gung ho hunters out there that use camo face paints when hunting waterfowl, turkeys or bowhunting big game, here is a great inexpensive product for removing that face paint at the end of the day.

Tip #26 Trick or Treat - Candy for Muddy Water Silvers

Silvers use their sense of "smell" more than any other species of salmon. Take advantage of that weakness with this little tip.

Tip #25 A Poor Man's (that's me) Vacuum Sealer for Fish

I'll never have to deal with freezer burned fish again, nor end up with half a freezer of ice in my packages.

Tip #24 Two Sides To Drying Salmon Roe

Here's a method which speeds up the drying of both sides of your salmon eggs and keeps the mess to a minimum.

Tip #23 How About a Pin-up For Your Saltwater Navigation

Hey you salty dogs, have you tried this one for easier use of your nautical charts while boating in Alaska's coastal waters?

Tip #22 A DIP Tip!

Tired of hauling that heavy dip net to the beach or taking a bath every time you pull it into the boat? Try this one for a dry solution.

Tip #21 Sure Fire Patch In A Pinch!

How many times have you been on an outing in the field and ran into an emergency that would have easily been remedied with the repair kit you left at home. This tip was provided by one of our readers and one we won't forget about in the future.

Tip #20 Sockeye Fishing Safety Tip!

Every year there are dozens of accidents involving sockeye anglers and sharp hooks and heavy sinkers. Those first time sockeye anglers should take note of this tip.

Tip #19 How KNOT To Make Fly Fishing Easier!

This little piece of gear may be new to beginning flyfishers but its been around a long time. Its a great solution for attaching leaders to flylines.

Tip #18 Don't Get Your Signals Crossed!

Every spring the first boat trip of the season seem to be filled with a handful of odds and ends problems to resolve before fishing season gets serious. But here is a fish finder tale which can plague you all season long.

Tip #17 Getting A Handle (and Grip) on the Situation!

Those who have been halibut fishing just one time will recognize the value in this tip. Its a $5 solution often overlooked.

Tip #16 Making Sinking Lines and Leaders Sink!

Here is something most anglers in Alaska aren't aware of when fly fishing and using sinking lines or using wet flies, streamers or nymphs.

Tip #15 The Straight Scoop - Taming Unruly Fly Fishing Leaders!

Have you ever missed a strike because your fly leader had loop memory or kinks which prevented a tight feel of the take? This will solve that problem.

Tip #14 Diamonds are a Girl's, uh Angler's, Best Friend!

Sharp hooks are your ultimate advantage in landing that once in a lifetime fish, or perhaps the next world record. Take our advice on this one, here is the best sharpener you can find.

Tip #13 DEEP Sea Fishing - Making a TUF decision!

Your timing is off, you hit the big tides of the month and now you have to face reality - you're gonna need 4 pounds of lead to stay on the bottom while waiting for that barndoor halibut to take the hook. This tip will make it significantly easier even in this worst case scenario.

Tip #12 Stick-Free Snow Shoveling Makes a Hefty Chore Easier

Are you tired of snow sticking to your shovel or scoop when attempting to clear your sidewalk or driveway? Here's a tip to make the chore a bit easier.

Tip #11 Rust Protection for Firearms That Sticks To The Job

Many lubricants, oils and rust inhibitor products claim to be effective in preventing rust on your guns and other outdoors equipment exposed to the elements. Here is one the REALLY works.

Tip #10 Finding Your Way In The Dark

Sooner or later, most outdoors folks will find themselves heading for a favorite location in the dark. Here is a tip that will put you right where you want without getting lost.

Tip #9 Homesteader's Prediction of First Frost

Many Alaskans dabble with home gardens and lots of flowers around their yard which are affected by the arrival of fall. This oldtimer's trick might surprise you how accurate it is.

Tip #8 Homebrew Salmon Egg Cure

There are as many recipes for curing salmon roe as there are for moose jerky and smoked salmon. Here is one sent in by one of our readers.

Tip #7 A Sticky Cure for Curing Salmon Eggs

This is the time of the summer when anglers are curing a lot of salmon eggs for future fishing trips. Here is a solution to one of the sticky maladies of this process.

Tip #6 Plagued by Wabbits!

Many Alaskans spend a lot of time in the garden hoping for a good crop. All their efforts can vanish overnight when their garden is invaded one night by a bunch of rabbits who find the offerings irrisistable. Here is one method to prevent that disappointment.

Tip #5 Muddy Water King Salmon Fishing!

This season's rainy weather pattern has reduced the visibility on many Kenai Peninsula and Matsu Valley king salmon fishing streams. Consider changing your tactics to our suggestions for improving the odds.

Tip #4 Effective Low Level Flyfishing!

Alaska has thousands of lakes and ponds with many containing pike, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden and grayling. But a large number of these have very limited access for watercraft and fishing from the shore is near impossible. Consider this tip for successful fishing on Alaska's still waters.

Tip #3 Pinning It Down!

No doubt some of you may think, "why didn't I think of that?" for this one. And I consider it one of the next best things since they invented ziplock baggies for the outdoorsperson.

Tip #2 Guilty As Charged!

Here is something we have all done at one time or another. And even professional fishing guides on the river have been observed doing it at times.

Tip #1 Alaskan Medicine Chest - Salmon Poisoning

This tip is "must know" information for anyone planning to fish for, catch and handle any of Alaska's five species of Pacific salmon. Its a malady that all anglers are suseptible to and can become quite painful for the person if they happen to acquire it.


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