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Welcome to our Ecology Center

Alaskans are as environmentally conscious as anyone else in the world. And perhaps even more so since we truly live with the wilderness surrounding us.

We hope that you will find something useful in our content. This section will contain a variety of information from projects you can do to improve the habitat to information on work in the field. Some of the material will include field trips we have been on.

Building Swallow Nesting Boxes
Support wildlife in your area and eliminate lots of bugs at the same time.

Pacific Halibut Life Cycle
Hippoglossus stenolepis is the most prized trophy in Alaska's oceans, bays and inlets. Growing to over 500 lbs. it can be a reel challenge to haul in one of these monsters. Here is a bit on distribution, life cycle and fishing techniques for this seafood delicacy.

Visit A Coho Smolt Tagging Site
Learn about Fish & Game's project to assess the recreational contribution of the Moose River coho salmon stocks and meet the team.

The PERFECT Bug Zapper
Bats migrate to Alaska each summer to consume millions of mosquitos and bugs. Build a Bat House and reap the rewards from your efforts.

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