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Timing the Fisheries in Alaska's
Nine Major Regions

Alaska is your angling dream come true...heart stopping runs of giant chinook salmon that come with ample bragging rights...iridescent grayling finning through clear streams like freshwater sailfish...ancient rainbows the length of your arm...barn door halibut that break the scales...exotic sheefish, the tarpon of the North...all packaged in the most spectacular setting on earth.

To improve your chances of successfully fishing Alaska, you should decide what species you want to fish for, then learn when and where these fish can be found, and how to catch them. Or, decide which region you want to visit and learn which fish can be found in that area.

Once you have set the crosshairs on your target, the next step is to find out exactly when to visit to improve your chances for success. The information found in this article will provide you very accurate information regarding species' availability and their peak times for best fishing. The peak times found in the following tables have an accuracy of +/- 3 days for normal years and are based on historical data collected by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

Editor's Note: Availability time for a species does not necessarily mean the season may be open for this fish. ALWAYS consult the Fish & Game Regulatory Booklet for the region you intend to fish before wetting a line.

Five versus Nine
Their are FIVE regulatory regions in the state which have their own fishing seasons, regulations and management strategies. But Alaska fisheries are living ecosystems which are a function of their specific geographical location.

Our Timing Tables are divided into NINE geographical areas of the state where the available fish follow similar timing patterns. However, each of these regions can cover thousands of square miles. The Alaska Outdoor Journal provides additional information in our many references which narrow down fisheries information for specific sub-regions of these geographical areas.

As an example, the Kenai Region Timing Table provided here can be broken down into the timing of individual streams and rivers on the Peninsula. So individual sub-region tables found in our other references will provide more details specific to a particular drainage. You can find this additional information in our Fishing Section listed under the References.

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