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Alaska Department of Fish & Game Trophy Fish Program

Anglers have been participating since the 1960's in the ADFG Trophy Fish Program, which gives special recognition to anglers taking fish that meet minimum weight (trophy certficates) or length standards (catch and release certificates) within a species. Trophy fish for both certificates must be legally caught from waters open to the public, in compliance with current ADFG sport fishing regulations.

Minimum Weights for trophy fish certificates are listed on the table below. Entries must be weighed in the presence of witnesses and a Trophy Fish Official, on a scale currently certfified by the Division of Weights and Measures.

At least one witness is mandatory, as is a photograph.

Arctic char/Dolly Varden - 10 lbs.
Arctic grayling - 3 lbs.
brook trout - 3 lbs.
burbot - 8 lbs.
chum salmon - 15 lbs.
coho salmon - 20 lbs.
pink salmon - 8 lbs.
sockeye salmon - 12 lbs.
king salmon - 75 lbs. in Kenai River
king salmon - 50 lbs. elsewhere in state
halibut - 250 lbs.
lingcod - 55 lbs.
rockfish - 18 lbs.
cutthroat trout - 3 lbs.
lake trout - 20 lbs.
northern pike - 15 lbs.
rainbow trout - 15 lbs.
sheefish - 30 lbs.
whitefish - 4 lbs.

2. The entrant must sign the affidavit in the presence of a Trophy Fish Official. Trophy Fish Officials have been designated at numerous locations throughout Alaska: for a list of the Trophy Fish Officials in your area, contact your local ADF&G office.

3. Length measurements must be straight line measurements from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail.

4. Halibut entries may also qualify by meeting a minimum length requirement of 84 inches. The fish must be measured in the presence of a Trophy Fish Official. Halibut not weighed on a certified scale will not be considered for state or annual records.

5. The entrant must submit an original affidavit no later than January 31 of the year following the catch to
Scott D. Ayers, ADFG - Division of Sport Fish, 333 Raspberry Road, Anchorage, AK 99518. Trophy Certificate forms are available from Fish and Game offices and are printed on the back of all Alaska Sport Fishing Regulation Summaries. Correspondence concerning your entry should be directed to the above address. Please notify ADF&G of any change of address to ensure delivery of your certificate.

6. ADF&G reserves the right to check fish identification or to refuse any questionable affidavits. Decisions of the department are final.

7. Fish must be hooked and played by only one angler. Assistance is permissible in landing or boating the fish.

8. Fish must be legally caught in compliance with current ADF&G sport fishing regulations. A current sport fishing license and any applicable tags or harvest record requirements must be met. Fish caught from waters not open to the public are not eligible.

9. A separate affidavit form must be completed in full and submitted for each entry. Incomplete forms may disqualify entrants.

10. A clear photograph, showing a close-up side view of the fish must accompany each entry form. A size-reference object must be included in the picture. The photograph will not be returned: it becomes the property of the department and may be used in information releases or posted on the ADF&G Trophy Fish Gallery.

Trophy fish certificates for Catch-and-Release and a patch are issued to entrants who catch-and-release resident fish of trophy size. Species considered for Trophy Catch-and Release certificates and minimum lengths are:

Arctic char/Dolly Varden - 30 inches
Arctic grayling - 18 inches
brook trout - 20 inches
cutthroat trout - 20 inches
lake trout - 36 inches
northern pike - 40 inches
rainbow trout - 32 inches
sheefish - 45 inches

In order to reduce additional handling of the fish, entrants should estimate its length instead of actually measuring it. A clear photograph showing a close-up side view of the fish preferably in the water) must accompany each entry form. Photographs may be posted on the Trophy Fish Gallery.

Entries exhibiting any indication of improper handling or injury in the photograph will be disqualified. At least one witness is mandatory.

Good Luck & Good Fishing,
Klondike Kid

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