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2014 Alaska Regional Tide Tables

Tide tables come in handy for many activities during the spring, summer and fall in Alaska. Much of Alaska's recreational opportunities center around the coastal areas of the state. A knowledge of the tidal conditions you will be encountering on your outing can be valuable when making your plans.

Here are the NOAA tide predictions for most major recreational areas in Alaska. Since wind and weather conditions can greatly affect the tides, no guarantee is provided that these figures will be exactly what you may encounter.

If you would like to include Clam Digging as part of your vacation on the Kenai Peninsula, be sure to check our Tide Tables For Clam Gulch to find out when a good minus tide series would occur in your vacation window. Our clam digging section will give you all the information and education you will need to be a PRO clam digger. Be sure to check it out.

Alaska Regional Tide Tables

2014 Anchorage
OFFICIAL Tide Tables
For Clam Gulch Beaches

2013 Cook Inlet

2014 Cook Inlet

2014 Juneau
2014 Cook Inlet
Deep Creek Ninilchik
2014 Kodiak
2014 Whittier (PWS)
2014 Seward
(Resurrection Bay)
2014 Valdez

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