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Major Kenai Peninsula Fisheries Timing Charts

Kenai River (2) King salmon

Coho salmon

Sockeye salmon

First run - mid-May to July, second run - early July to season closure on July 31.

First run - late July to late August, second run - late August to end of September.

Mid-July to early August.

Russian River (2) Sockeye salmon First run - mid-June to mid-July, second run - mid-July to season closure on August 20.
Kasilof River King Salmon Late May to season closure on July 31
Deep Creek Marine King Salmon First run - early May to late June, second run - late June to early August
Resurrection Bay Coho Salmon Early July to late September
Anchor River, Deep Creek & Ninilchik R. King salmon

Coho salmon

Steelhead trout

Late May to late June on Sat. Sun. & Mon. (consult regs closely)

Early August to mid-September

Mid-August to early November (Catch-n-Release only)

Homer Spit (Fishin' Hole) King salmon

Coho salmon

Dolly Varden

First run - mid-May to July, second run - July

Early August to mid-September

Mid-May to early July

Halibut Cove Lagoon King salmon Mid-May to early July
Clam Gulch, Deep Creek & Polly Creek Razor Clams All year, -2 foot tides or lower

1 The peaks of these runs generally occur midway between the time periods outlined, except for the second Kenai River king salmon run, which is late July.
2 There may be Emergency Closures for conservation or other restrictions on all of these fisheries. However, those which are most likely to occur are on both Kenai River king salmon runs, both Russian River sockeye salmon runs, and late run Kenai River sockeye salmon. In 1997 both Kenai River coho salmon runs were closed due to management.

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