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The Kenai Peninsula Stocked Lakes Program

The division of Sport Fish of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has maintained a lake stocking program on the Kenai Peninsula since the early 1960s. At the present time there are 25 managed lakes in production. These managed lakes provide recreational opportunity for the sport angler where fishing would not otherwise occur, or in some cases, supplement a popular existing fishery. The majority of the lakes presently stocked are relatively small and have no inlet, outlet or natural spawning area. Fish stocked in this environment are unable to reproduce and periodic stocking is required to maintain a lake's fishery.

Stocking occurs during the summer months when the salmon or trout fingerlings have attained a size of one to two grams which is about two inches in length. The fish are usually transported directly to the lake via hatchery truck. However, in situations where the truck cannot be driven to the lake, fish may be backpacked up to a mile. If the lake is too remote for this method, fish may be planted using specially designed aircraft.

Most lakes on the Kenai Peninsula are managed for rainbow trout. These fish are hatchery reared from the eggs of parent stock which originate in the Swanson River. These trout have displayed good survival rates in our local lakes. The remaining managed lakes are stocked with coho salmon, which are preferred by some anglers.

Salmon in landlocked lakes grow at about the same rate as trout. They may reach a weight of more than five pounds, but most do not exceed two pounds before reaching sexual maturity and dying. This occurs two to three years after stocking. While rainbow trout do not die after attaining sexual maturity, four years is the maximum age attained by most stocked trout. A few live longer and anglers occasionally report catching trout of 10 pounds or larger from managed lakes. The maximum size attained by either a trout or salmon varies from lake to lake and is dependent on the productivity of a given body of water. Periodic test netting by management personnel is a tool used to monitor fish populations in these stocked lakes.

Some lakes which have been stocked were previously inhabited by a competitor species (usually Stickleback) or contained a stunted salmonid population. To alter this undesirable situation and eliminate fish that would compete with newly stocked fry, the lake was rehabilitated. During rehabilitation, all fish species present were eradicated with rotenone which affects only fish and not other aquatic life such as mammals or insects. Salmon and trout fry introduced in rehabilitated lakes display excellent growth and survival. However, rehabilitation is an expensive management tool and its use is presently restricted to small lakes which receive greater than average fishing pressure.

Although there are numerous lakes on the Kenai Peninsula, only a small percentage qualify for the managed lake program. Many lakes are quite shallow and will not support fish during the winter months. Others may not have public access while still others may contain a natural population which already supports a fishery. To qualify for the stocking program a lake must be biologically capable of supporting a salmon or trout population, public access must be assured, the lake should be landlocked to preclude the egress of stocked fish, and it should establish a fishery in an area desired by the angling public.

Fish stocked on public lands are managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service and the Alaska State Parks. A majority of the land which is adjacent to many stocked lakes is, however, in private ownership. When this occurs, public access is limited to a narrow corridor. Vandalism and littering have resulted in lost access and therefore the loss of public fisheries. Please help preserve these corridors by respecting the rights of private property owners.

Information listed below is to aid you in identifying managed lakes. A brief description of public facilities is also provided as is the species the lake was stocked with and the stocking schedule. Fish stocked as fingerlings will enter the fishery the following year, having reached 7 to 10 inches in length by late summer. An excellent map for reference to these lakes is the Kenai Peninsula Southcentral Alaska map published by Alaska Road and Recreation Maps and is sold in many retail stores throughout the Peninsula communities.

Please note that this information is of a general nature and that fishing success rates vary from day to day and season to season. There are periods of the year when fishing is generally more productive. One of these periods is just prior to lake "turnover" in the fall immediately prior to freezing, and again in the spring just after "ice out." For the ice fishing enthusiast, that period of time from ice formation to the first part of January is generally best. In late winter, the dissolved oxygen content of shallow lakes is low and fish do not "bite" or feed readily. Similarly, late summer fishing is usually slow due to warmer water. Also remember that because natural reproduction does not occur in managed landlocked lakes, fishing conditions will also depend on stocking frequency and fishing pressure.

When fishing or in planning your trip, please remember:

1. Respect private property.
2. Keep the lake, access sites, campgrounds, etc. free of litter.
3. Obey applicable sport fishing regulations.
4. Feel free to contact the Division of Sport Fish at the Soldotna office, (907) 262-9368, if you have any questions or comments regarding the managed lake program.

Kenai Peninsula Stocked Lakes

Barbara At Mile 29.6 North Rd., take Halbouty Rd 2.3 miles to Ramona Rd, turn rt & go 0.4 miles to Pipeline Rd, turn rt 0.3 mi. to public access on rt. Road at SW end of lake Rainbow Trout Even Years
Cabin At Mile 21.5, North Rd, take Miller Lp Rd to Cabin Lk Dr on rt, turn left on Inter Lk Dr, go 0.2 mil to public access on rt. Narrow road between houses, steep bank to lake. Rainbow Trout Yearly
Cecile At Mile 33.2, North Rd, turn left on Seascape, go 0.2 mi. Access is where lake is closest to road. Limited parking, no boat launch. Rainbow Trout Odd Years
Centennial At Mile 110.5, Sterling Hwy., take Johnson Lk Rd to Tustumena Lk Rd on left and go 3.9 mi to the access road on left. Limited parking, walk in to sandy beach. Coho Salmon Yearly
Chugach Estates At Mile 23.9, North Rd, take Tustumena St to McKinley St and turn left, turn rt on Shumya and left on Tyonek Circle. Steep grade, no boat launch Rainbow Trout Even Years
Douglas At Mile 19.3, North Rd, take Miller Lp Rd 2.1 mi to Holt Rd, turn rt, go 2.9 mi to Douglas Ln, turn rt, 0.7 mi to Drew St, turn rt, approx. 100 yd. to lake. Small parking area and ramp on NW edge of lake Rainbow Trout Odd Years
Encelewski At Mile 115 Sterling Hwy take Tolum Rd 0.6 mi to Lakeview Ct, turn left go 0.7 mi, turn rt on Panda Ct to lake. Cul-de-sac ends 15 yds from lake, no launch facilities. Rainbow Trout Even Years
Island N/A N/A Rainbow Trout & Arctic Char Yearly
Jerome Located 38 miles north of Seward and immediately north of the Seward & Sterling Hwy junction (approx. 1.0 mi) Small parking area, steep bank Rainbow Trout
Dolly Varden
Johnson At Mile 110.5 Sterling Hwy, take Johnson Lk Rd 0.5 mi to Tustumena Lk Rd, turn left, go approx. 0.1 mi and turn rt at campground entrance. Parking, boat ramp, camping, water pump. *Note: No outboard motors allowed. Rainbow Trout Yearly
Long N/A N/A Rainbow Trout N/A
Longmere Longmere Lk Rd is a loop road off the south side of the Sterling Hwy between hwy mile posts 88 & 89. The loop road is approx. 0.5 miles long with access to the lake at the midpoint (south side of road). Steep grade to small parking area, boat ramp Rainbow Trout Yearly
Meridian At Mile 13, Seward Hwy, take Grayling Lk Trail on west side of hwy. Take rt fork of trail 2.3 of the way to Grayling Lk and follow to Meridian Lk. Foot trail starting at Grayling Lk Trailhead Rainbow Trout Odd Years
Quintin At Mile 111.4 Sterling Hwy, take Cohoe Lp Rd 0.5 mi to Thalia, go left then left on Naiad to end of imp rd, follow unimproved trail thru woods turning rt to reach lake. Limited parking, approx 200 yd walk to lake. Rainbow Trout Odd Years
Rogue Mile 107 Sterling Hwy. Between Hwy and Decanter Inn. Hwy rt of way, or park in Inn parking lot. Coho Salmon Yearly
Scout Mile 84.3 Sterling Hwy take west end of Scout Lp Rd 0.1 mi to State Park. 100 yd. foot path, no boat ramp. Coho Salmon Yearly
Sport At Mile 2.5 Kenai Spur Hwy, turn rt on Sport Lk Rd and go approx. 1.0 mi to Moser Rd, turn rt, go 0.2 mi to public access on left. Small parking area, sandy boat launch site Rainbow Trout Yearly
Upper Summit Mile 45, Seward Highway Forest Service campground and boat launch. Rainbow Trout Odd Years
Thetis At Mile 25.8, North Rd, turn south on Island Lk Rd, go 2.3 mi to Pipeline Rd turn left, go 0.7 mi to Moose Run Rd turn left, proceed 0.8 mi turn rt, cross north end of airstrip & continue 150 yd to access rd on left. Small parking area, 4x4 boat launch site Rainbow Trout Even Years
Troop N/A N/A Rainbow Trout N/A
Vagt At Mile 25, Seward Hwy, Trailhead is on the east side of the hwy & at the south end of Lower Trail Lk. Hike 1.5 mi to lake. Foot trail, small parking area. Rainbow Trout Yearly

2003 Managed Lakes Stocking Program Fish Count

Rainbow Trout - Coho - Arctic Char Stocked Lakes

Location Species Date Number Avg. Length (in.)
Aurora Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 800 1.9
Barbara L Rainbow Trout Aug 14, 2003 2,250 1.9
Cabin L Rainbow Trout Aug 14, 2003 2,850 1.9
Cecille L Rainbow Trout Aug 14, 2003 1,000 1.9
Centennial L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 2,500 1.9
Chugach Est. L Rainbow Trout Aug 14, 2003 900 1.9
Crooked Ck Chinook Salmon Jun 05, 2003 98,800 4.1
Douglas L Rainbow Trout Aug 14, 2003 9,000 1.9
Elephant L Coho Salmon May 08, 2003 28,543 2.4
Elephant L Rainbow Trout Jun 10, 2003 2,176 9.7
Elephant L Rainbow Trout Aug 14, 2003 34,000 1.9
Encelewski L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 9,800 1.9
Island L Arctic Char Jul 22, 2003 3,007 13.4
Island L Arctic Char Aug 27, 2003 2,191 15.3
Island L Arctic Char Sep 25, 2003 2,480 13.5
Island L Rainbow Trout Aug 14, 2003 30,000 1.9
Jerome L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 2,100 1.7
Johnson L Rainbow Trout May 06, 2003 5,748 8.3
Johnson L Rainbow Trout Jun 10, 2003 3,074 9.7
Long L Rainbow Trout Aug 07, 2003 1,530 1.7
Longmare L Coho Salmon May 08, 2003 9,015 2.4
Longmare L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 20,000 1.9
Loon L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 1,800 1.9
Meridian L Rainbow Trout Aug 07, 2003 1,530 1.7
Quintin L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 1,500 1.9
Roque L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 500 1.9
Scout L Coho Salmon May 08, 2003 9,724 2.4
Scout L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 9,500 1.9
Sport L Chinook Salmon Sep 25, 2003 2,380 7.7
Sport L Rainbow Trout May 02, 2003 350 10.3
Sport L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 10,000 1.9
Thetis L Rainbow Trout Aug 14, 2003 4,600 1.9
Troop L Rainbow Trout Aug 07, 2003 2,721 1.7
Upper Summit L Rainbow Trout Aug 13, 2003 15,000 1.7
Vagt L Rainbow Trout Aug 07, 2003 4,324 1.7

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