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Resurrection Bay Alaska Fisheries Timing Charts

Resurrection Bay is located on the southwestern side of the Kenai Peninsula and adjacent to Prince William Sound. Seward is the coastal community that lies at the head of this bay and is an active summer hub for over 125 cruise ship dockings, commercial fishing, glacier and wildlife tours and exceptional sportfishing, both from the shore and from on the water.

Resurrection Bay Coho salmon
King salmon
Pink salmon
Sockeye salmon
Chum salmon
Dolly Varden
Early July to mid-September
Early June to late July
Early July through August
June through mid-August
July through early August
April through October
April through October
July through October
Early July through early August
Area Streams (3) Dolly Varden
Rainbow Trout
Early July through early August
April through October (2)
Area Lakes Dolly Varden
Rainbow Trout
Lake Trout
Entire Year
Entire Year (4)
Entire Year (4)
Entire Year

1 The peaks of these runs generally occur midway between the dates given.
2 Fishing for anadromous, or sea-run, Dolly Varden is best in spring and fall. Bait may mot be used in streams after September 15 unless otherwise noted in the Sport Fishing Regulations.
3 In all flowing waters of the Kenai River drainage upstream from Skilak Lake, only unbaited single-hook artificial lures may be used. Restrictive seasons and bag limits apply to Dolly Varden. Check regulations carefully.
4 Check specific regulations for the lake you intend to fish. Several lakes are closed for part of the year to protect spawning fish.

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