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This report is reproduced from information provided by Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Kodiak Office, and will be updated weekly throughout the fishing season. The same message can be accessed on their Record-A-Phone "Sportfishing Forecast" at (907) 486-5176.

DATE:  Week of AUGUST 27, 2013 

Emergency Orders and Regulation Changes


  • Department of Fish and Game counting weirs on the Afognak, Buskin, Karluk, Ayakulik and Dog Salmon rivers continue counting returns of salmon. Coho salmon runs are just beginning, as reflected by the current weir counts at these drainages.
  • Sport fishing for pink salmon is in full swing all around Kodiak Island. Pink salmon are showing up in lower reaches of Buskin River, the beaches at Monashka, Chiniak, Myrtle, Roslyn, and Pillar creeks, and also the lower reaches of Sargent and Russian creeks.
  • Local coho salmon runs are steadily building along the road system and elsewhere on Kodiak Archipelago. Coho are reportedly being caught at Mission, Mill Bay, Pillar and Monashka beaches, and also the Pasagshak and Buskin rivers. Afognak Island coho runs are currently in full swing, with an all-time record high current weir count at the Afognka River.

DOLLY VARDEN, Trout, Grayling
  • Dolly Varden fishing continues to be excellent. The American and Buskin rivers plus Salonie and Russian creeks are good bets right now for Dollies, which are also now returning to most Kodiak streams.

LAKE Fishing
  • August is a good bet for rainbow trout in the stocked lakes along the Kodiak road zone. Itís always a good idea to check water temperatures, as fish will be more active in warmer lakes. Some higher elevation lakes may still be colder than those at sea level. Fishing these lakes from shore is likely to be better during late afternoon and early evening.


  • Halibut fishing has reportedly been average, with reports of anglers catching fish within Chiniak Bay near Buoy #4. Halibut fishing normally peaks for the year throughout July and August.

  • Anglers continue to catch king salmon in road system salt waters. Buoy #4 and the deeper waters on both sides of Long Island reportedly have been productive.
  • Silver salmon are very abundant between Buoy #3 and Buoy #4 in Chiniak Bay, and between Long and Woody islands, but are also present in other Kodiak salt waters.
  • Pink salmon are also currently being caught by trolling in most near shore marine waters.

Other Saltwater Fishing
  • Black rockfish can currently be caught at depths of 10 fathoms or less near kelp beds along rock pinnacles and other natural or man made structures. Rockfish are also frequently caught from shore at locations such as the breakwater barrier shielding St. Paul Harbor and on rocky beaches in Monashka Bay.
  • The 2013 lingcod season is open through December 31.

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