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Alaska Department of Fish & Game's
PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND and the Copper River Delta Area
Weekly Fishing Forecast


This report is reproduced from information provided by Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Anchorage Office, and will be updated weekly throughout the fishing season. The same message can be accessed on their Record-A-Phone "Sportfishing Forecast" at (907) 267-2516.

DATE:  Week of JULY 15 TO JULY 21, 2014 

Emergency Orders and Regulation Changes

  • Permits are mandatory for all noncommercial shrimp fishermen. Permits are available at local Fish and Game offices and at select vendors.
  • Ibeck Creek is closed to all sport fishing upstream from a point 3 miles above the Copper River Highway.

  • Sockeye salmon fishing in the Eyak River continues to be productive, but may not be for much longer.
  • The Coghill River sockeye salmon has been fair, but not great… might be a better bet heading to Main Bay.
  • Eshamy Creek remains a bit slow for sockeye but should pick up soon.
  • Jackpot should be looking pretty good this week as well.

Resident Fish - Trout, Grayling & Dolly Varden & Hooligan
  • Cutthroat trout fishing continues to be good along the Copper River highway and in trout waters throughout PWS. Smolt patterns and small spinners at stream confluences, lake outlets and in estuaries good options this time of year.
  • Anglers reminded to check the Prince William Sound regulations on the legal size limit for retained trout.
  • Anglers reminded to check the Prince William Sound regulations on the legal size limit for retained trout.
  • Dolly Varden are present in many of the streams throughout Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta. Use fry/smolt imitation flies or small spinners at lake outlets or stream confluences.

Halibut, Lingcod, and Rockfish

  • Halibut angling has been good to excellent in most areas throughout the Sound... Anglers have been consistently limiting out on medium sized fish at the usual spots.
  • In general, a decent bet for halibut is fishing in the gulf or near ocean entrances.
  • Rockfish angling is quite productive with herring jigs and bait near herring spawning sites. Remember to move once you catch your limit.
  • AND REMEMBER if you are targeting multiple species, target rockfish last, and use a deepwater release mechanism on all released rockfish (these devices can turn the chance of survival for a rockfish from near zero to near 100%!)

    What’s deepwater release?

  • Lingcod fishing opened last week. Fishing has been slow so far out of Whittier, but should start picking up. Large jigs fished 10 feet off the bottom near and on top of steep rocky ridges and reefs work quite well for lingcod.
  • Valdez Lingcod fishing, on the other hand started off strong.

  • Hatchery king salmon might still be milling around the saltwater near Flemming Spit, and in the Whittier boat harbor.
  • The Main Bay hatchery sockeye salmon return is in full swing and anglers continue to report good catches.
  • Pink salmon fishing has been good at Allison Point with most anglers reporting catching their limits in a few hours.

Shrimp & Shellfish
  • Shrimping continues to be productive throughout the Sound with anglers reporting better catches with deeper sets; 350 - 600 ft.
  • Don’t forget your shrimp permit – everyone needs one.
  • Report all suspected shrimp pot theft to your local fish and game office or a state trooper.
  • Remember to weight down your trap so that the current won't sweep it away into deeper water.

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