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Alaska Department of Fish & Game's
Resurrection Bay - Seward
Weekly Fishing Forecast


This report is reproduced from information provided by Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Anchorage Office, and will be updated weekly throughout the fishing season. The same message can be accessed on their Record-A-Phone "Sportfishing Forecast" at (907) 267-2100.

DATE:  Week of JULY 15 TO JULY 21, 2014 

Emergency Orders and Regulation Changes

  • Resurrection Bay is always closed to lingcod fishing. If you harvest a lingcod outside of Resurrection Bay you cannot fish in the bay on the way back to port.
  • It is illegal to use a rockfish for bait while fishing for lingcod. If you catch a rockfish and a big lingcod grabs a hold of it the lingcod must be released.
  • It is also illegal to use a gaff on any fish that is intended to be released.
  • There is a youth only king salmon fishery in the Seward Lagoon and Seward Lagoon outfall stream this July 11 July 13. See page 58 in the Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulation Summary for details.



  • Lousy weather and big tidal fluctuations in the Gulf has recently hampered the halibut fishermen. However, when the weather and tides lay down expect good to very good halibut fishing in the Gulf towards Prince William Sound.
  • Inside Resurrection Bay try fishing around Eldorado Narrows.

  • The silver salmon fishing at Pony Cove and Cheval Island has picked up this past weekend and this remains the best silver salmon fishing in Resurrection Bay right now.
  • King salmon have also been showing up in the catch inside Resurrection Bay.

Other Saltwater Fishing
  • Lingcod fishing outside of Resurrection Bay is fair to good.
  • Rockfish are easy to catch and have a fairly conservative bag limit, so target your rockfish last.
  • The rockfish daily bag limit is 4 per day, of which only 1 may be a non-pelagic (demersal) rockfish.
  • Use deepwater release methods to release incidentally caught rockfish. For details, see the ADF&G Rockfish Conservation webpage at
  • Study your rockfish identification, so you do not harvest more rockfish than they are allowed. Please read regulations and limits for the area that you are fishing.

  • There have been no reports from the personal-use shrimp pot fishery. This fishery is now open in the entire North Gulf Coast area from Cape Fairfield to Gore Point. To participate in the fishery you must be an Alaska resident with a current sport fishing license or ADF&G Permanent ID card, and a North Gulf Coast shrimp pot fishery permit. Permits can be obtained at the Anchorage, Homer, or Soldotna ADF&G offices. They can also be obtained at The Fish House in Seward.
  • Check out page 63 of the 2014 Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations Summary for regulations on this fishery, and page 62 shrimp pot requirements.



  • See sport fishing regulations for details about legal gear and legal area.

Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling

  • The Dolly Varden are tough to find in freshwater now.

Lake Fishing

  • Kids should expect decent fishing for rainbow trout at First Lake. Bead-head nymphs are a good bet to catch these rainbows.

Northern Pike

  • Northern pike are not native to Southcentral Alaska. Please report the capture of any pike to ADF&G. Do not release any that that you have caught.

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