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by Klondike Kid

Yahoo! Eureka! You can still hear those ghostly echos of that once famous expression as another lucky miner struck it rich in days gone by. They were words that I myself, the Klondike Kid, longed to shout at the top of my lungs as I gazed into a sluice box glistening with a carpet of gold nuggets. Yes, I and my mining partners had the fever once. And it only took six years to kick the habit! But I think this article is causing a relapse of that malady and I feel the urge to dig out that gold pan once again.

The remaining cabins are home for the
200 residents of Hope.
Most folks visiting Alaska are aware of the state's rich and colorful Gold Rush history. But few are aware that the first genuine Gold Rush in the territory occurred right here on the Kenai Peninsula, before the Klondike Stampede or the rush to the gold beaches of Nome.

Coincidentally, the first gold rush boom town on the Peninsula ended up with a name synonomous with every miner's driving force....Hope.

Take a scenic tour of this often overlooked nugget of Alaska history. Its a stop worth putting on your schedule when traveling on the Peninsula.


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