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Marine Weather Observations and Forecasts for Alaskan Coastal Waters

Alaska's abundant marine resources draws hundreds of thousands of outdoors enthusiasts each year. Many are interested in viewing the splendid scenery, glaciers and wildlife while others are "on a mission" to catch that trophy halibut or salmon.

But Alaska's oceans and bays must be respected when engaging in any boating outing. Weather conditions can change in minutes and a once calm sea can become a nightmare of an ordeal one would prefer not to experience.

Marine waters this far north are also very cold and there is little hope for survival if your boat goes down in rough seas and you don't have the proper survival suits. Therefore its always wise to consult the current conditions and predicted forecast for the area you will be boating in. Remember that this information is an observation of present conditions and ONLY a forecast of what is to come. Use common sense and plan on another day if conditions appear to be beyond you or your boat's capabilities.

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