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The Kenai Peninsula's Wildlife and Sealife

Bald Eagle head

Surprisingly enough, for as long as the Kenai Peninsula has been "settled" by pioneers, the abundance of fish and wildlife present today is an extraordinary testament to the people who have called this area their home. Unlike most areas in the Lower 48 where civilization equates to lost habitat and the disappearance of fish and game, the Peninsula and its waters support every species of critter that was present before the white man arrived.

Combine that with a growing tourism infrastructure who's goal it is to provide an opportunity to experience all the Peninsula has to offer and you have what some folks here call "a little piece of Paradise." The days are gone when a tourism boom meant eventual degradation of the environment and its contents. Today's Alaskan tourism industry along with the surrounding communities and state and federal agencies are committed to insuring today's recreational opportunities will continue for generations to come.

The Kenai Peninsula offers many readily available opportunities to view and photograph those species listed below. We have included directions to all the best locations in the Wildlife Viewing and Photo Locations.

* excellent opportunity for viewing
+ moderate opportunity for viewing

Moose* Caribou* Dall Sheep* Moutain Goat*
Brown Bear+ Black Bear+ Wolf Coyote
Lynx Fox Wolverine Mink
Ermine River Otter Beaver* Muskrat*
Trumpeter Swan* Ducks & Mergansers* Sandhill Crane* Canada Geese*
Loons* Snowshoe Hare* Ptarmigan & Grouse* Bald Eagle*

Orca* Beluga Whale* Humpback Whale* Minke Whale*
Pilot Whale* Sea Otter* Harbor Seal* Sea Lions*
Dall Porpoise* Harbor Porpoise* Puffins & Seabirds * Gray Whales*

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