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Since everyone....including the most diehard angler....hopes to see wildlife on their visit, we'll make it a bit easier for you to succeed. You can find out just what we have to "show off" as well as where to go for the best opportunities to photograph and view them.

alaska brown bear Alaska Brown Bear Viewing Areas
If you plan to visit the most popular bear viewing areas, this is "need to know" information to help you plan and apply for a visitor's permit to use that area. Deadlines are February & March for the best areas while other areas are less managed.
Brown Bear Icon Wildlife on the Kenai
Here is list of the abundant wildlife you may find on the Kenai Peninsula and your chances of seeing them.
View Wildlife Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing and Photo Locations
After 29 years on the Peninsula I have come to know many areas that will provide an excellent opportunity to view and photograph our wildlife. All are easily accessible by road.
Photo Tips for Wildlife Alaska Wildlife Photo Tips
For those who journey to Alaska for their vacation, don't return home with a collection of unrecognizable wildlife photos. Heed these suggestions to shoot photos worth sharing.

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