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If you have a teenager 15 - 18 who is interested in a summer job in the outdoors and perhaps going into the environmental field of studies at college this just might be a great summer opportunity.
A random drawing will be used to determine the order in which bait areas will be selected. At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 12, 2014, the random drawing will commence. You must be present when your name is drawn. Bait areas will be chosen and permits issued in the order drawn.

Here are ADFG EMERGENCY ORDERS just issued on Thursday FEBRUARY 27th that will be imposed upon KING SALMON fishing throughout the Matsu Valley, Little Su drainage, the Kenai River and all lower Kenai Peninsula streams as well as a portion of Cook Inlet from Bluff Point to Ninilchik.

ATTENTION: This year's Board of Fish proceedings resulted in some changes to our Southcentral sportfishing regulations. Here are the NEW 2014 Sportfishing Regulations CHANGES that will end up in the new 2014 Sportfishing Regulations booklet coming out at the beginning of APRIL.



The months of OCTOBER and NOVEMBER produce some of the finest saltwater king salmon fishing you can find in Southcentral Alaska. A small but extremely successful charter fleet operates out of Homer throughout the year targeting king salmon which are using our rich feeding grounds to grow and mature in preparation for their future return to their home waters. On October 17th Alyssa took a trip with DRIFTWOOD CHARTERS and not only caught her limit of two kings but ended up with the biggest fish of the day out of the six kings landed by the anglers on the boat.
Its just keeps getting better and better as we move towards November. Yours truly, Klondike Kid, accompanied Joe, Brandon, Mark and Capt. Shane's cousin Misty on October 26th during one of our few sunny weather windows to track down more king salmon in the saltwaters of Cook Inlet. Leaving the harbor at 9am before sun up we had our first take down shortly after 10am. By 11:30am we had nine kings in the fish hold with three to go. By 2:50pm Captain Shane had us back at the Spit taking photos and getting our fish cleaned before parking the boat back in the harbor. We had 18 kings hit, landed 13, released one and bagged an even dozen between all six of us on the boat. DRIFTWOOD CHARTERS offers a midweek special winter king fishing price for those who can round up five folks for a trip. The savings is more than enough to pay for the gas to drive to Homer and back. But even for the weekend anglers his $200 pp rate is quite affordable and an experience everyone should get out and try. I'll be back myself.

Now that the personal use season is over for harvesting shrimp in Prince William Sound its time to send in those harvest permits to Fish & Game. In order to properly manage future openings and gear limits the department needs accurate harvest information from those who have participated. Data indicating a good recovery of the shrimp fishery may lead to further allowances that could include an increased number of pots a boat or person can fish. So please send those cards in ASAP before you lose track of them.

From October 1 through March 31 Alaskans are allowed to harvest by permit 3 golden king crab per YEAR and 5 legal-size male Tanner Crab per DAY from the Prince William Sound area. Permits are available at ADFG in Cordova, Homer, Soldotna, Anchorage, the Fish House in Seward, and at the Trooper's office in Valdez. This ADFG announcement gives the details for the PWS SUBSISTENCE KING & TANNER CRAB FISHERY OPENING. You need to refer to the Southcentral Sportfishing regulations booklet for information detailing what constitutes your legal crab pots.

Watch a great video on how to clean Alaska razor clams dug at Clam Gulch on the Kenai Peninsula.

Every other week of each month there are a set of minus tides that provide outdoors lovers an opportunity for some good fun and exercise. And oh, some excellent eating too. So if you had your fill of fishing and want to pursue some other Alaskan game, there are plenty of razor clams waiting for the summer diggers. And to make the process of cleaning your clams an enjoyable activity I've whipped together a quickie clam cleaning video that will warm the hearts of every digger that has been doing it THE HARD WAY all these years. The video will open in a new window. CLICK HERE or on the photo above to activate the clip. PLEASE DRIVE SAFE~! -KK-
IPHC Rules regarding Filleting Of Halibut at Sea

Know the proper way to fillet your halibut at sea in Alaska's ocean waters of the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound.
ANCHORAGE -- Under federal rules that are in effect now, a halibut may not be cut into more than two ventral (bottom side) pieces, two dorsal (top side) pieces and two cheeks, all with the skin on. Anglers are allowed to consume halibut while at sea after filleting. This new rule applies statewide.

Questions regarding this new rule can be directed to the International Pacific Halibut Commission at: (206) 634-1838.

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