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There are many different Alaska maps now published for the road travelers and recreational fishing enthusiasts, but only one series could be defined as the Alaska outdoorsperson's "bible" when it comes to maximum usefulness and value. ~Klondike Kid~


As a visitor/reader of the Alaska Outdoor Journal, you can see that the website does not contain any hype, tourism propaganda or Internet "wallpaper" to fill the pages. We cut to the chase and maximize YOUR value by maximizing our own productivity in creating value. These maps that we offer will be the best purchase a traveling visitor from outside will ever make if you intend to visit and fish, sightsee, hike, or boat in Southcentral Alaska from Fairbanks in the Interior to Homer on the Kenai Peninsula.

I suspect that nearly every angler, hunter, and hiker/camper in Southcentral has at least one or more of these incredibly detailed and accurate maps in their possession. Whether Alaskans use them for scouting new hunting areas, finding their way into a new secret fishing hole, learning the topography of a region of interest, or just finding their way down the road, these maps are by far the best purchase anyone can make. We Alaskans literally wear them out from use!

The profit margin on these items is very small and most websites wouldn't even mess with offering something that can be more work than its worth. But AOJ has two objectives in providing these products to our readers, whether they are Alaskan residents or potential visitors from out of state.
1) The usefulness of these maps for recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, hunting, sightseeing, camping, boating, etc. is unmatched by anything else out there in a single package, so this "qualifies" as worthy information provided by AOJ.
2) The meager proceeds derived from the sale of these maps will help support the Alaska Outdoor Journal and Alaska Flyfishing Online by offsetting at least some of the minor costs and expenses of managing these high maintenance websites.


KACHEMAK BAY - Southern Kenai Peninsula

WESTERN KENAI PENINSULA - lower Kenai River & Kasilof River

KENAI LAKE VICINITY - upper Kenai River & Russian River

MATANUSKA VALLEY - Palmer, Wasilla, Susitna River

PARKS HIGHWAY - Anchorage to Fairbanks


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