Matsu Valley Alaska salmon & trout fishing maps, lakes & streams fishing locations and public access showing camping, campgrounds, fishing holes, canoe trails, roads & street map.

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Palmer, Wasilla, Hatcher Pass, Big Lake, Little Susitna Vicinities

    Detailed Map Showing:
  • Campgrounds
  • Points of Interest & Road Mile Posts
  • Roads & Trails
  • Facilities index
  • Natural Features index
  • Roads & Streets index
  • Fishing Information for local waters
  • High Resolution map details
  • Measures 36" x 24" double-sided

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The Matanuska Valley is one of Alaska's largest concentrations of "rural" residents in the entire state. And many who commute to work in Anchorage each day prefer the ammenities that the Valley offers them for raising their kids, providing outdoors recreation, and offering a country lifestyle.

A sample of the content and detail of this map.

A huge number of roads provide access to most of the area for the large population who live here and you can't get around without a good map. In addition to listing the roads, this map provides fisheries information about the large number of lakes that are accessible and can be fished year 'round. Big Lake and Nancy Lakes State Recreation Area are major recreation areas. A large section of the Susitna River as well as a majority of the Little Susitna River drainage is shown on the map. The Hatcher Pass area is also represented. I would venture to guess that a majority of Valley residents have one of these maps and use it as often as the Kenai Peninsula residents use theirs.

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