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Visual Media Design has been engaged in multimedia services since 1993. This has included technical writing, training videos, technical manuals, procedure manuals, computer graphics and animation, and promotional tapes.

In 1995 the Internet was very small in total content and the first real graphical interfaces(browsers) were just beginning to become popular. Visual Media Design recognized that there was a huge void in the information database related to Alaska, tourism, and outdoor recreation. It was at that instant we decided to begin satisfying the web surfer's demand for high quality, high value information. We have been THE cutting edge leader of Internet magazine content design & value since the first e-zines appeared, and to date our magazines are the only ones of their kind related to Alaska. All other sites which have been developed since then have used our innovative approach as a template for their own features, content, themes & topics. But we have never rested on our laurels and we continue to lead the way by creating additional new and unique methods for serving a global community that is hungry for information.

Our primary work projects are the Alaska Outdoor Journal and Alaska Flyfishing Online Internet magazines. Combined they will serve well over ONE MILLION visitors who will make nearly 5 Million page views of our information in the Year 2007. We DO know how to succeed on the Internet!

We occasionally take on a few business website design projects each year during periods when our workload is minimal. These usually are for a total marketing plan facelift of an existing website or for a business needing their first site. Each project has its own variables and requirements so the cost will depend on those components. We DON'T do cookie-cutter webpages; we leave that to other page making companies. We design and implement a well-oiled Marketing Plan whose only objective is to generate revenue for you through your presence on the Internet.

We are also available during most of the year for doing the usual minor modifications and changes businesses may need on their existing websites. Most of that work involves updating photos, changing prices for the next year and other odds and ends. That type of work can be based on a very affordable hourly rate.

If you are in need of website design and marketing plan development that can make a measureable difference, OR just need a few alterations made to your site to bring it up to date, please just send us an email to check on our availability.

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